Imminent & Upcoming Exhibitions:

Georgian Bay Primordial - Immersive Installation at

Dufferin County Museum and Archives, Ontario, Nov. 5 to Dec. 16, 2017

Transitions - An exhibition of recent abstract work at Rational Expressions Gallery, Stayner Ont. Nov. 17 to Dec. 10, 2017

This exhibit focuses on Georgian Bay shorelines. The region is representative of a natural biosphere, like so many others, where natural habitat is at risk of exploitation and over development. I want to share this concern in a medium that is personal to me, and hopefully resonates with others. 

The concept for this exhibit has been percolating since my move from Creemore to Wasaga Beach Ontario, three years ago. One spring day, I was standing in my driveway, a five minute walk to the beach, and heard a strange commotion down by the shore...I went to investigate. As I got closer I realized it was geese. The sight and sound were overpowering. Thousands of geese had gathered along the shore and on the ice flows. My first thought was: “this was their world”.  I felt as if I was transported to a time before humans dominated the planet. It was exhilarating and very humbling. From that point, it became my muse for the Primordial concept: Nature, undisturbed by humans.  I wanted to create an experiential concept that included more than paintings. Over the past three years I have recorded sounds native to the shoreline, collected natural detritus and created several large scale oil paintings to create an immersive installation.

People who live in the Georgian Triangle area share in its bounty and identify with Georgian Bay as "their playground" It is our responsibility to be stewards of the water and all bodies of water in our environment. It is not just a playground. It is a vital eco-system.

My entire life has always been grounded in and by natural environments. An imaginative childhood was spent exploring forests, wetlands and shorelines musing about their purity before humans left an imprint. This has stayed with me as a life-long theme in my work. My motivation to create this work is to inspire passion for our environment, bring to life its historical embodiment of time and energy and bring awareness to the impact we have on it. I strive to inspire the observer to reclaim their relationship with the land and reconnect from a perspective of honor and balance.

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